Hell of a Trip - Part 1

So, it is Tuesday 21st of August 2012, 3am and our BIG day of moving has started, way too early for ... weiterlesen

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Hell of a Trip - Part 2

Next step was to cancel our connecting flight since we are unable to take the cats on the flight. Th... weiterlesen

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First day

Laurence got up at 7am and I my lucky a$$ was able to sleep until 10am. Since the front desk didn’t ... weiterlesen

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Second day

Today we actually got breakfast and were not tired. Laurence went to work and I stayed back at the h... weiterlesen

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The weekend

Well, finally it is the weekend and we get to relax and spend some time together exploring our new h... weiterlesen

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After a long time a new update

It has been a few days since I had time or the energy to post something new. It just has been so cra... weiterlesen

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