Hell of a Trip - Part 1

So, it is Tuesday 21st of August 2012, 3am and our BIG day of moving has started, way too early for us but nothing we can do now! My biggest concerns were the cats. They already freaked out moving them from our home to the hotel in Ansbach.
On our way to Frankfurt Airport Pauly was so freaked out, screaming and panting that I almost brought him back to leave him in Germany. Which made me think if I take him out of his kennel, it might calm him down. Well I guess the only thing that was calmer was his belly after shitting on my lab. Ok, so I sit there with cat shit in my hand and on my pants. We stopped and I had to change into shorts, which I knew is going to become a problem along the trip. After a while Pauly and also Maggie tried to relax a little bit.
Checking in the cats was easier as expected. The lady at the counter was really nice and tried to calm me down. We filled everything out and didn’t have to pay as much as I thought we do. That saved us 150Euro but I knew someone somewhere else is gonna collect the money from us.
To get the kennels approved we had to take the cats out of it, in the middle of the airport of course! Right after I did this, Laurence pointed towards my mum. I didn’t realize it for a second but there she and Dina were. That was too much and I started crying like a baby. I was really happy to see them again and I didn’t have time to worry about the cats. After an hour it was time to say good-bye again.
On the plane the captain informed us that will be delayed about 20min because some people checked-in very early that morning but didn’t show up for boarding. And of course their luggage was all the way back in loading area. At this point it didn’t make me happy but 20mins aren’t that much, I thought to myself. Well little did I know that 20mins would become a lot of time later on. The plane ride was ok; we had our own little TV to keep ourselves entertained. I was even able to sleep for a little bit. While we were docking on I was able to see the cats on the airfield, sitting on a little wagon with like 5 other kennels. And again I was getting nervous. But they were right; they were the first things off the plane.
I think this was the shortest line to go through Immigration I was ever on. The officer opened my visa package, signed everything, took a picture and fingerprints (again). After that was done I wanted to go get the cats. Laurence went and took care of our luggage and I was searching for our cats. I thought they would give the animals out to the right owner, no they were just all sitting there at the end of the in baggage claim area. When I arrived there I only saw Pauly. He was doing fine, we was happy to see me. But where is Maggie? After another 5 mins they brought more animals out and she was one of them. She looked very scared and had some white stuff on her face. But other than that she was also happy to be back on ground.

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