Hell of a Trip - Part 2

Next step was to cancel our connecting flight since we are unable to take the cats on the flight. That was taken care of fast and now we had to take a shuttle bus to the car rental place. I thought how do we get 5 suitcases, 2 carry-ons plus 2 kennels on the bus? Luckily the bus driver was very nice and waited on us. When we arrived at the car rental there were about 100 people (well that is how many it felt) in front of us including these Asian guys who were discussing with the agent for about 30mins. After like 45mins we finally got our car and were able to take off. It was already 3pm and we had to stop at target to get us a GPS and a pay phone. Well the pay phone was a pain in the a$$. It wouldn’t work with the phone it came with so I tried my German phone. And fortunately it worked BUT my battery was about to die. It was enough to make a few phone calls until we stopped again to get car charger for my phone. With some traffic and a few stops we finally arrived at Fort Jackson at 3am! I have to say we are very lucky to be alive. Laurence was so brave and stayed awake. I would have fallen asleep driving. I was able to drive, maybe, 1h of the whole trip.

As we arrived at the hotel where the new unit made reservations we had another surprise to deal with. They had a mix up and gave our pet room to someone without a pet. So, the person had to move out at 3am in the morning so we could move in. Around 4am we finally got to lay down only to be woken up again at 7am. So far PCSing is hell on earth. Good night!

23.8.12 15:46


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