First day

Laurence got up at 7am and I my lucky a$$ was able to sleep until 10am. Since the front desk didn’t tell us that there is a breakfast I had to wait until Laurence came back with the car to get food. So, we just went to Popeyes to get some lunch. Well, going to get food at 12:30pm on a military base isn’t easy but Ft. Jackson is the worst. People were lining up outside. Drive-through wasn’t much better but we didn’t have a choice. After lunch I dropped Laurence off to go to the front desk after my incident earlier with housekeeping. What happened was, that I wanted to give them my dirty sheets (I changed myself the night before since we didn’t want to sleep in some strangers sheets). Well, she wouldn’t take them and was quite rude telling me this wasn’t a pet room. The front desk informed me that we will be moved to a pet room now. And that’s where we are living now for who knows how long. We will have to get with housing and find out how we are getting off-post.
Hightlight of the day was to eat some Panera Bread and going to Target.

23.8.12 16:04


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