Second day

Today we actually got breakfast and were not tired. Laurence went to work and I stayed back at the hotel and got to talk to my mother, aunt and also my grandparents. It was good talking to them. Around lunchtime Laurence came back home and we went to the commissary to get something to eat. We thought it would be cheaper to go there but their sandwiches are just as expensive as subway. Oh well I got me a microwave meal which sucked. Some things are just so expensive, for example three apples cost us $2,07.
Later on we had some Chick-Fil-A for dinner, which was AWESOME. No worries I do not agree with the owner ;-) We also picked a new cell phone up at Wal-Mart. Laurence messed with it all night and talked to Customer Service and it is still not working. Hopefully tomorrow it will work so we have two phones. I’m excited for the weekend and see more of our new hometown.

24.8.12 16:55


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