After a long time a new update

It has been a few days since I had time or the energy to post something new. It just has been so crazy busy and frustrating that now I don't even know where to start. Sunday, 26th of August: We met up with Miri and Sean to look at Sean's Mum house. It was a really cute little house, we would have love to rent but not buy. It was just not big enough. After that we went to friends of them and to see the neighborhood they going to move to. And, well we loved it there. We knew this is where we would like to buy something. But that isn't so easy first because it is not cheap and there is not much available. But Pat (friend of Sean and Miri) told us that there was a foreclosure down the road. We went there right away to look at it and it seemed very nice. We will have to contact the bank and see if we can look at it inside. After a nice evening with new people our first weekend was over. Monday, 27th of August: We went to see the foreclosure and it was a dissapointment. The outside is really nice but the inside needs too much work and there are water spots all over so mold might be a problem, too. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Tuesday, 28th of August: We are going back and forth on whether we want to buy, rent or even live on-post again. There are nice places on-post but only for people who f$%§ like rabbits and have 10 kids. But we got put on the list and see what they might offer but they said it can take up to 4 months! That evening we looked at another house but that needs a lot of work, too and the landlord needs a few weeks to fix it all. But even if it is fixed, the rooms are just too small, most houses, we can't even fit our bed in. He was a very nice man though, Military friendly and a realtor, so maybe we found a realtor for the future. This whole house hunting is very dissapointing but we don't have a choice because this hotel is really frustrating. If I wouldn't be cleaning myself no one would! I will complain about that! Yesterday: I stayed "home" to look at houses online. We made another two appointments to look at houses tomorrow and Tuesday, so keep your fingers crossed! Also, I went to the Education Center to find out what kind of degree or certification are offered because I need a job, not only to get out of here but also to make the money for our dream house ;-) This whole move is very stressful so far.

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